Update Log

Updates, changes, bug fixes, feature releases and other miscellaneous updates/information will be posted here.

Update: 17/02 - Feature Update

We have released an updates page (the page you're looking at right now!). On this page we'll be posting updates, changes to the website, new feature releases and other information so be sure to keep an eye out!


Update: 14/02 - Feature Update

We have release a new update which allows the use of the @ symbol when entering an account name. We realised users were trying to enter account names with the @ symbol e.g @instagram and the website would show an "account not found" error. "@instagram" and "instagram" will now be read the same and should both pull up correct account information.


Update: 11/02 - Bug Fixes

We have just fixed a bug that caused an "account not found" error if the Instagram username had any spaces in it. Our server error log estimates that around 50 users over the past day have been affected by this issue. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Update: 09/02 - Feature Update | Online User Counter

The long awaited "users online" counter has now been pushed to live. You should now see be able to see how many users are online and using the website on the homepage.


Update: 01/02 - Terms of Service

The Terms of Service page has been updated to reflect new site terms as of 19th February 2019.